Continuous Investments in R+D & State-of-the-Art Technology

The Competitiveness of Imos Offshore in the Industrial Welding Market

The competitiveness of IMOS (in alliance with Tesol Group) in all the projects it takes on has a secret: The research centre where robots and customised automatic welding systems are developed for the widest variety and most complex of industrial projects. The automatic welding systems developed in this laboratory located in the north of Spain were the first to multiply the welding capacity of European shipyards, increasing productivity and reducing risks for workers.
The R&D centre is one of the most important in Europe, specialised in welding not related to mass production, characteristic of the automotive sector. This laboratory trains professionals from all over the world to handle this equipment that multiplies the productivity of every worker.
Innovation obliges everyone to make an effort to handle the latest progress. As well as the research laboratory, IMOS has a training centre for new technology, automated systems and other raw materials indispensable for the sector, such as Quality Control, Accreditations or work hazard prevention. All IMOS teachers are certified by Lloyd’s Register and Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Half the pupils are active workers.

  • Training Centre for Quality Control Accreditations & Work Hazard Prevention
  • Design & Development of specific welding robots and automated systems for high-risk projects.
  • Qualified Welders in SMAW, FCAW, MIG, MAG, TIG and automatic processes.
  • Certifications backed by by Lloyd’s Register and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Since 1995

Innovation, Energy and Technical Capacity

IMOS Corporation

The IMOS Corporation comprises four Spanish companies with experience in the naval sector, bringing together all their technical and professional qualities to jointly implement large metal structure projects all over the world. In practice they operate coordinated by the departments of a single company, but each of its partners has full R&D&I autonomy.

IMOS has an advantage over all its competitors, as one of its assets is the Training Centre for Welding and Automated systems, one of the most important academies in Europe related to this speciality. In the last twenty years, thousands of professionals working on oil rigs and shipyards all over the world have passed through its classrooms. The Training Centre coexists with a Research Centre for Automated systems that is renowned in the naval sector for developing robot prototypes and automated systems specialised in shipbuilding that have revolutionised the levels of productivity. To this innovative capacity, we must add the force and experience of hundreds of experienced technicians and workers from the four companies associated to the Corporation.

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Industries We Operate

High Performance Welding Services For A Wide Range Of Industries


Civil Engineering

Large viaducts and bridges, dredging and metal structures of any size and type.



Offshore industry and on land, refineries, oil pipes, gas pipes, etc...


Ship Building

IMOS’s professionals and our advanced machinery allows us to work on any type of ships.


New Energy Sectors

Thermal power stations, wind turbine towers, offshore, etc.

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