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We Provide Heavy-Duty Global Welding Services

We are a company with decades of experience in industrial welding in naval construction and repair. After its first successful years, we specialised in the emerging hydrocarbons markets (land and offshore), wind energy and thermal industry and large civil engineering work. With the coming of the new millennium, the company was in the forefront of world globalisation plans and prepared itself to offer three advantages that are considered essential for its clients today.

Operability & Agility

Complete teams of professionals & technical equipment

Total Coverage by a Single Supplier

10,000 highly skilled professionals

We can move complete teams of professionals and technical equipment anywhere in the world, either on land or sea, to take on any important project at any time.
Our knowhow regarding welding skills and the development of advanced automatic welding systems is our fundamental competitive advantage.
The organisational capacity of IMOS and its prestigious professional training centre in Spain has trained more than 10,000 workers from several countries. It enables us to organise and deploy a small army of highly specialised professionals in a very short time. In addition to welding or boiler making characteristic of a naval construction and repair project, IMOS can deliver a complete workforce for oil rigs.

Years of Working Experience in the field

By Land & Sea

Our Industries

Civil Engineering
Large viaducts and bridges, dredging and metal structures of any size and type.
Offshore industry and on land, refineries, oil pipes, gas pipes, etc.
New Energy Sectors
Thermal power stations, wind turbine towers, offshore, etc.
Ship Bulding
IMOS's professionals and our advanced machinery allows us to work on any type of ships.

Our Specialities

About IMOS


  • Manual welding services of any type and automated welding.

  • Supply of specialised personnel for oil rigs.

  • Equipment maintenance and professional training services.

  • Technical advice and Quality Control and Accreditations.

Special Operations

  • The IMOS laboratory designs and develops specific welding robots automated systems for especially difficult or high-risk projects.

Our Workforce

  • Qualified welders in the following processes: SMAW, FCAW, MIG, MAG, TIG and automatic processes.

  • Foremen, boiler makers, pipe makers, fitters, welding assistants, electricians, sailors, painters, boatswains, mechanics, lubrication servicers, crane operators, BMO, riggers, rigger foremen, etc.


We are all about Quality, Operability & Agility

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Vigo Bay

A symbol of competitiveness.

The naval sector has been important in Vigo Estuary for centuries

A territory especially adapted to industry

The naval sector has been important in Vigo Estuary for centuries. Today more than 10,000 people work in this sector. In the whole of Galicia there are 3,800 companies and 62,000 workers dedicated to steel-related activities, a figure that shows the importance of this type of industry that brings together naval construction, automotive sector and production of steel structures. Vigo and its surrounding areas (i.e., the province it belongs to: Pontevedra, the fourth exporter in Spain, amounting to more than 8,000 million euros per year) is at the forefront of the Galician economy. It is a permanently active city with the second most important fishing port in the world. The same port handles 500,000 tons of ornamental stone (granite) for export every year. Thousands of workers cross the estuary from one side to the other to go to work every morning in the boats used for internal traffic on the estuary. Vigo is a symbol of competitiveness.
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